PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)
PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)

PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)

GA305-2001,JG3050-2000 standard PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit), related PVC fittings are provided. For more details about JUNNUO Industry PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit), please contact us!

1. Size: DN50-250mm (Can Be Customized)

2. Life: 70 Years

3. Raw Materials: PVC (UPVC, CPVC)

4. Certificate: CE Certification


JUNNUO PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit) is a perfect solution for urban power network construction and reconstruction project, urban reconstruction project, residential development, enterprise construction, such as power, street lamp, lawn lamp, garden lamp, district intelligent system, cable television, communication, intelligent transportation system and others.

JUNNUO PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit) are made from PVC raw materials supplied by famous raw material suppliers, such as Borealis, Shanghai petrochemical, Sinopec and other top companies. High toughness, smooth inner wall and light weight of polyethylene increase the cost effectiveness and reliability of power system solutions. And pipes can be made into variety of colors to distinguish.


Brief details:


PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit)






Yellow or Black




Customers’ logo available


Samples are available


 Pipe length of 6 meters or 12 meters, or the length can be customized according to the customer's requirements on the premise of convenient transportation.




Depending on the order quantities.

20 ft: 7-10 days,40 ft: 15-20 days


CE Certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001


30 years for normal using

Payment Term

T/T or L/C at sight

Country of Original



JUNNUO provides the PVC Cable Covering (PVC conduit) with SN4, SN8, SN10.

Material: UPVC, CPVC

Size: OD50-225, or custom-made

SN: 4, 8, 10

Thickness: 3mm-15mm


  • Material characteristics
    CPVC pipes is mainly of PVC-C resin with excellent heat resistance and insolation performance. CPVC products is currently recognized as a green environmental protection product, and its excellent physical and chemical properties are more and more popular in this industry.
    CPVC pipe is hard and straight solid wall pipes, the inner and outside wall are smooth, the color is orange red, which is bright and eye-catching.
  • Heat resistance
    CPVC pipe is improved heat temperature 15°C than ordinary UPVC double wall corrugated pipe, could keep shape do not deformation under the temperature above 93°C, and has enough strength.
  • Insulating property
    CPVC can withdraw high voltage above 30,000 volts.
  • Compression resistance
    CPVC pipes is modified by material, and the ring stiffness of the pipes could reach 10 Kpa, which is obviously higher than the regulation of buried plastic pipes’ ring stiffness that should above 8Kpa set by the country department.
  • High impact resistance
    CPVC pipes at 0°C can stand 1KG weight, the impact of 2m height, It is shown that the low temperature impact property of the material is suitable for the construction environment.
  • Flame retardant performance
    PVC and PVC-C materials have good flame retardant performance, can be extinguished from the fire. Specially, PVC-C material, because its chlorine content is significantly higher than PVC, so the flame retardant and smoke density index has a significant improvement.
  • Installation performance
    CPVC pipe id light in weight, high in strength and simple in construction laying method. It can be excavated and buried in night, backfill the road surface and open to traffic as usual during the day. Use elastic sealing rubber ring to connection, will be easy to installation and connection, quick connection, good sealing performance, can prevent the leakage of ground water, effectively protect the use of power cable safety.
  • Long service life
    CPVC pipe material corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and the service life can be up to 50 years.