HDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supply
HDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supplyHDPE pipe for water supply

HDPE pipe for water supply

Short Introduction:
HDPE pipes are following ISO4427 / AS / NZS 4130 / BS EN 12201 / SABS standards with black / blue colors, which get CE certificates and ISO 9001 quality management system certificates. Connected fittings are available.  For more details about JUNNUO HDPE fresh water supply pipes, please contact us!
1.Size: DN16-1600mm (Can Be Customized).
2.Pressure Rating: SDR 41-PN 4, SDR 33-PN 5, SDR 26-PN 6, SDR 21-PN 8, SDR 17-PN 10, SDR 13.6-PN 12.5, SDR 11-PN 16, SDR 9-PN 20, SDR 7.4-PN 25, SDR 6-PN 32.
3.Life: 70 Years.
4.Raw Materials: PE80, PE100, PE4710.
5.Certificate: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, CE BS EN 12201, WRAS Certification.


JUNNUO HDPE pipe is a perfect solution for municipal engineering system and urban water supply and drainage system. HDPE pipe adopts high-quality original  PE100 raw material, with the size range of DN 16-1600mm, and the performance conforms to ISO4427 standard and other national certification standards. HDPE pipes for water supply can be manufactured with different rated pressures, mainly: sdr11-pn16 bar, sdr13.6-pn12.5 bar, sdr17-pn10 bar, sdr21-pn6 bar, sdr26-pn6 bar, etc

JUNNUO Pipeline


HDPE pipes for water




SDR 41, SDR 33, SDR 26, SDR 21, SDR 17, SDR 13.6, SDR 11, SDR 9, SDR 7.4, SDR 6


PE80, PE100, PE4710


Black, blue or black with blue strips


SO4427/ ISO9001/ AS/ NZS 4130/ BS EN 12201/ SABS standards 


Customers’ logo is available


Samples are available


International standard packing

Less than 110 mm by rolls, more than 110 mm by length 5.8 m or 11.8 m.




Depending on the order quantity
20 ft: 7-10 days,40 ft: 15-20 days


ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, CE BS EN 12201, WRAS certificates


30 years for normal using

Payment Term

T/T or L/C at sight

FOB Port

Chongqing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc

Country of Original




We provide the HDPE pipes from dn16mm to 1600mm.

JUNNUO Pipeline

Note: Special specifications can be customized. Please contact us for more product information and pricing.


HDPE pipe is the perfect solution for municipal water supply and drainage system, urban water supply and drainage. HDPE pipes are increasingly popular worldwide for water supply and drainage because of its advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance: HDPE pipelines are resistant to corrosion by a variety of chemical media, and chemicals present in the soil do not cause any degradation to the pipeline.
  • No leakage: The polyethylene pipe system is connected by electrofusion and butt fusion methods, and the strength of the joint is higher than the strength of the pipes.
  • High toughness: The elongation at break of HDPE pipes is generally above 500%. For the uneven settlement of the foundation engineering construction, its adaptability is very strong and the seismic performance is good.
  • Excellent resistance to stress cracking: HDPE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and environmental stress crack resistance is also outstanding.
  • Excellent flexibility: Excellent flexibility and scratch resistance.
  • Rapid Crack Propagation: Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP) for polyethylene plastic piping systems.
  • Low temperature impact resistance: Low temperature impact resistance: Polyethylene has a very low temperature embrittlement temperature and can be safely used in the temperature range of -60-60 °C. In winter construction, due to the good impact resistance of the material, the tube will not be brittle.
  • Good wear resistance: Good wear resistance, low wall friction coefficient, low flow resistance and strong conveying capacity.
  • A variety of new construction methods: HDPE pipelines have a variety of construction techniques, in addition to the traditional excavation methods, a variety of new non-excavation techniques such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liners Construction in the form of split pipes, etc. which is a good choice for some places that are not allowed to be excavated.
  • Low system cost: Low system cost and low maintenance cost can greatly reduce project costs.
  • Long service life: The buried HDPE pipe is normally used for 70 years.
  • Recyclable, environmentally friendly: HDPE materials can be reused, fully in line with the nationally advocated efficient environmental protection concept.
  • Convenient handling: HDPE pipes are lighter than concrete pipes, galvanized pipes and steel pipes. They are easy to handle and install. The lower manpower and equipment requirements mean that the installation cost of the project is greatly reduced.